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Pediatric Dentistry
6 months ago


Pediatric dentists are trained in all aspects of oral health care. They provide preventive and corrective treatments and refer their patients to other specialists or to the pediatric department of a general dental clinic. The scope of work of a Princeton pediatric dentist depends on the area of specialization, he or she chooses. General dentists treat all patients looking after all aspects of teeth and their general health. Those who wish to specialise in any field are normally required to undergo specialized training.

Pediatric dentists specialise in a specific area such as early orthodontics, infants, pediatric dentistry, pediatric prosthodontics and pediatric dental surgery. There is a division in this category of dentists called as subspecialists. These dentists specialise in a particular area of teeth or mouth structure. Some subspecialists include pediatric orthodontists, prosthodontists, pediatric dentists, cranial therapists, oral surgeons and pediatric prosthodontists.


To get into the subspecialty of pediatric dentistry, a candidate needs to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college and then need to undertake a specific residency program for two years at a dental school that has been accredited. This residency program should be made up of one or more dental schools. Once the individual graduates, he/she will need to undergo another board exam to get a license. There is a board called the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists that controls the certification process. In order to get certified, one needs to pass the board exam which can take about two hours.


Upon graduating from a dental school, one can look for employment or look to start their own practice. This is generally done by joining a professional association of pediatric dentists or becoming an assistant to a dentist. There are many colleges that offer these courses. However, there are also many private schools that offer these programs as well. A person can even go on to get a PhD in pediatric dentistry.


For those interested in working in a pediatrics-based dental practice, the individual needs to be trained in general dentistry and also needs to have a special talent for diagnosing children's oral health issues. Some of the dental schools that offer training for this field offer internships where students are taught how to properly assess the oral health of patients. The individuals who graduate from these schools are qualified to work in a variety of dental offices including family dentists' offices, pediatric dentists' offices and surgery departments of local hospitals. Some pediatric dentists even go on to train full time in pediatric dentistry departments at specialty teaching hospitals. Some pediatric dentists even go on to train dentists in orthodontics.


As is evident by now, pediatric dentistry has a variety of subspecialties that help in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral health care problems. In addition, these specialists are involved in pediatric research, developmental dentistry, neonatology and even bacteriology. Many of these specialists work closely with special education teachers, therapists and parents. These pediatric dentists are highly qualified and their contribution to the quality of oral health care in the country is invaluable. Look for the best dentist for children!


To get more info, check out this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pediatric_dentistry

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